This is to show a manifest of mistakes that have taken place in the United States Courts. There can be no doubt as to the jurisdiction of these courts to revise a judgement based upon fraud upon the Court according to the Rules of Law and Rules of Civil Procedure. In Florida, the rule is 1.540. To give an evidentiary hearing would so clearly reveal reversal is needed for any errors apparent on the record, whether it be of material error or a fraud upon the Courts. Clearly no local "clique" of "officers of the court" should be allowed to "interfere in the administration of justice." There should not be any doubt that if these local officers block justice, a conspiracy against a citizen has taken place and this must be addressed. If not, the citizen has clearly been denied due process to a fair hearing. If an audit of the court orders show that the records are sorely lacking in procedural and substantive due process, the Court is supposed to correct mistakes. If there was callous and intentional neglect, a new trial must be held and the "clique" of officers sanctioned under the law. When the Honorable Courts uncover fraud and/or "churning", the Court should sanction these actions by granting the citizen all relief deemed just and proper to preserve the integrity of the court. When unethical officers of the Court and attorneys are sanctioned for wrong and improper practices, our system will begin to be repaired. Until attorneys are held fully responsible for their improper actions, the system will stay broken.

In the United States of America, we are entitled to voice our thoughts and feelings. Many of us "ordinary citizens" have been forced to defend ourselves without the assistance of legal counsel. Mostly in response to family court situations where the funds for attorneys are simply unattainable. This website is designed to provide those acting pro se in Orange and Brevard counties a voice.

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